Tami Lynn and Kim Marriner


Tami and Kim produced, wrote, and financed a documentary entitled Given A Chance…A Little Girl’s Journey. The documentary focuses on the adoption of ‘Special Needs’ children. Tami and Kim, not only are experienced producers, writers and editors, but also understand the subject first hand. They adopted a little girl named Kassie, born with cerebral palsy.  They knew she was different but not less, and this is her story.  Kassie narrates the documentary and answers the question, how do you treat someone with a disability?”    … With three simple words –Like A Person!”   GIVEN A CHANCE chronicles her life struggles, and how she has met her personal challenges…creatively. Being ‘creative’ is the key to helping a ‘Special Needs’ child reach his or her potential.


A highlight of the documentary is a yellow Labrador Retriever named Dakota.  He is Kassie’s ‘Animal Rx’ Service Dog. Dakota is the reason Kassie is walking today. The doctors said Kassie would never walk. The love and devotion of this wonderful ‘Service Dog’ gave Kassie the will and drive to walk. While Tami and Kim were experience living with a Service Dog and a disabled daughter, they realized the impact of this wonderful dog, not only for Kassie, but everywhere they traveled. People flocked around Kassie and Dakota wanting to touch him, and interested in Kassie’s disability. While filming GIVEN A CHANCE, and meeting Dr. Nathanson, President of Dolphin Human Therapy in Miami, Tami and Kim experienced children with autism communicating for the first time, and children with mental disabilities reacting to these remarkable dolphins. Tami and Kim realized the importance of bringing to the public all amazing ‘Animal Assistant Therapies’ available. They want the public to meet these wonderful organizations, the inspirational stories, their lives, and their experiences of introducing disabled children to ‘Animal Assisted Therapy’. Thus was born the idea of ANIMAL Rx.


Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton introduces the documentary. GIVEN A CHANCE…A Little Girl’s Journey was honored at the CONGRESSIONAL COALITION ADOPTION INSTITUTE (CCAI) in Washington D.C., received the

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE from the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, and was honored at the



Professionally, Tami Lynn managed and guided the career of Actress Christina Applegate for 26 years, which included the long running series, Married…With  Children, and the NBC hit JESSE.  Tami also managed the career of Valerie Bertinelli for 11 years, during which time the actress appeared on the CBS series, One Day At A Time.  Other series actors include: Adam Rich on Eight Is Enough,  Mary Beth McDonough on The Waltons, Robbie Rist on The Brady Bunch, Shane Butterworth on The Bad News Bears, Katy Kurtzman on Dynasty.

 Tami produced the film VIBRATIONS, and served as Executive Producer on the film KISS OF FIRE, both starring Christina Applegate. She produced the NBC series JESSE, which won two People's Choice Awards.


Tami is currently writing a series of ‘learning tool children books...I’M JUST LIKE YOU... that teaches children that physically challenged kids have the same dreams as all kids.


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KIM MARRINER  is a Journalist, Producer, Director and Editor. Kim produced, directed and wrote the television documentaries for KCBS-TV:

He also produced, directed and wrote the Television Series:

Disaster – 26 week half-hour program - Syndicated

Kim served as Avid Editor for featue films:


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Tami and Kim are determined to develop, produce, write and edit projects dealing with important issues, “when we share with each other our accomplishments… do we take out pictures of our car, or our home?  No, we take out our pictures of our children, and our animals…our most important accomplishment in life.”

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